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Once a village with gloomy prospects due to improper land development, habitat degradation, pollution, decreasing income, aging, etc., Gongrong community was determined to transform in 2003 by following principles in line with those of the Satoyama Initiative.…

This project demonstrated the effectiveness of ecological agriculture and sustainable land management in improving the livelihoods of small-scale farmers and protecting local ecosystems. In its first phase, the project directly benefitted twenty small-scale farm families.…

Ever since Satoyama Initiative was introduced in the late 2010, it has received great popularity from the government and the general public. Practices engaging in conservation and revitalization of socio-ecological-production landscapes (SEPLs) in compliance with the goal of Satoyama Initiative are on the rise.…

In the hilly landscape of Mondulkiri province in northeast Cambodia, the Phnong ethnic group accounts for up to 80% of the total population. The Phnongs depend on self-sufficient agriculture for their livelihoods.…

This paper describes the processes and initial impacts of an action research project to strengthen the resilience of smallholders and simultaneously address environmental issues in Buol District, Indonesia.…

The Kakum National Park, considered to be Ghana’s premier protected area, covers 350 km2 of moist tropical forest and represents one of the few remaining areas in West Africa's Upper Guinean Forest biodiversity hotspot with most of its plants and animals relatively intact.…

The fisheries and aquaculture sector provides a broad range of nutritional and economic benefits that support the well-being of millions around the world.…

Biodiversity conservation is a key global sustainability issue. Land use change due to expansion of agriculture, tourism, and development projects is contributing to loss of habitat and species at an alarming rate. Moreover, indiscriminate logging of forests for immediate monetary need is further degrading forests and habitats.…

This paper is designed to contribute to enhancing knowledge on the linkage between humans and nature in a socio-ecological production landscape and seascape (SEPLS) through providing analyses of the livelihood activities of the H’re indigenous community in Kon Tum province, Central Highlands of Vietnam.…

Ecosystem degradation in upper catchment of Lake Naivasha in Kenya poses major threats to the overall watershed and people living in the Lake Naivasha agro-production landscape.…