Facilitating biological and freshwater resource conservation by agricultural activities at Gongliao-Hoho-Terraced-Paddy-Fields, Taiwan



  • Environmental Ethics Foundation of Taiwan (EEFT)


  • 16/11/2015

  • REGION :

  • Eastern Asia


  • Taiwan (Xinbei City)


  • Since 2011, the Forestry Bureau, COA, has been subsiding EEFT for promoting the "Gongliao-Terraced-Paddy-Field Conservation Program" in the Shungxi River Valley, which is one of the largest watershed in Northern-Eastern Taiwan. This program, which has collaborated the related stakeholders and the authorities, has been intending to protect the threatened terraced paddy fields, especially the ones cultivated in a environment-harmonic way, have great potency in connecting neighboring water corridors used by aquatic species, and maintaining regional water resources. In 2015, there is 7ha of terraced paddy fields co-managed with the local communities and authorities. The cooperated terraced paddy fields are cultivated in "Ho-ho Principles", which evolved from the traditional agricultural knowledge, and stand for a certification for the agricultural products. Besides the agricultural production, eco-tourism and environment-awareness education have extended the financial supports to the local communities, and leveled the comprehension of the public. Therefore the promoter of the conservation actions will transfer to the local communities gradually.


  • Gongliao-Hoho-terraced-paddy-fields, Threatened habitat and species, Aquatic ecological corridor, Freshwater recharge, Traditional agricultural technology, Ecological-stakeholder participation, Payment for ecosystem services.


  • 1. FangYun-Ju , Environmental Ethics Foundation of Taiwan, the director of GTPF conservation program. 2. Shiue Bo-Wen, Environmental Ethics Foundation of Taiwan, the co-executioner of GTPF conservation program. 3. Hsieh Chuan-Kai, Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University. 4. Lin Wen-Tsui,the founder&director of Mong-hoho Barn Company.

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Gongliao located at the rainy low-elevated hill area in the Northern-Eastern Taiwan. Over the past 160 years, numerous farmers had built thousands of hectares of terraced paddy fields in the winding Shuangxi River Valley. However, the area of terraced paddy fields has been decaying since 1980s, in 2010, only 10ha of terraced paddy fields were cultivated in this area. Due to the massive modernization in agricultural production, most paddy fields in the low land area have been cultivating with heavy dosage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, suffered severe invasion by the destructive golden apple snails (), and shorten flooded period. Therefore, the local aquatic species, includes fresh water fishes, plants and insects, are now facing great pressure due to the habitat degradation, and no reliable conservation actions had been promoted in this area. The remained terrace paddy fields in Gongliao behave as the last refuge of these precious species, which leaded the Forestry Bureau to subsidize EEFT to advocate the “Gongliao-Terraced-Paddy-Field Conservation Program” in 2010-2015. The aims of the program were to find practical strategies combining the agricultural benefits and biodiversity conservation, furthermore, to seek the now co-management system between the local communities and authorities.

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