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Side Event at CBD WGRI3


The Third Meeting of the Working Group on the Review of the Implementation (WGRI3), a revised and updated Strategic Plan, was held from 24-28 May 2010 at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, back-to-back with the SBSTTA14. The International Satoyama Initiative held the side event on 24 th May at WGRI3, discussed its concept and approach.

As decided at the ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties in May 2008, the Working Group would, prepare, for consideration and adoption by the Conference of the Parties at its tenth meeting, a revised and updated Strategic Plan including a revised biodiversity target, as well as a multi-year programme of work for the period 2011–2022, and proposals for the periodicity of meetings after 2010.

This side event discusses ways through which it could be possible to support and, as needed, revitalize the human-influenced natural environment (or socio-ecological production landscapes) that can provide human well-being while conserving biodiversity, and introduces the so-called
Satoyama Initiative as a solution.

Active participation of discussion[Active Participation of Discussion]

This Initiative intends to support the Strategic Plan for the Post-2010 Period and promote sustainable use of natural resources in socio-ecological production landscape such as agricultural fields and secondary forests, and ultimately contribute to achieving the objectives of Convention on Biological Diversity.

Mechanisms to support the initiative will also be described, including in particular the establishment of an international partnership that will be formally launched in October in Nagoya at COP-10 and possible schemes to support on-the-ground activities in line with the Satoyama Initiative.

The programmes of the WGRI3 side event (24th May), and five presentations of the WGRI side event are now available for download.

Satoyama brochure at WIGRI3[Satoyama publication at WGRI3]

Agenda and Meeting Documents

WGRI3 Side Event programme(24 May 2010)



Opening Remarks: Community-based initiatives for environment & sustainable development in Socio-ecological production landscapes

Fumiko Fukuoka, Deputy Global Manager of the GEF Small Grants Programme

presented by Daiji Kawaguchi, Global Biodiversity Strategy Office, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan

Japans Perspectives on the proposed Strategic Plan for the Post 2010

Masayoshi Mizuno, Director, Global Environment Division, International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Paris Declaration on the Satoyama Initiative -The Initiative and what it intends to achieve

Somaly Chan, Director, International Convention and Biodiversity, Department of the Ministry of Environment, Cambodia

Proposal to launch an International Partnership to support implementation of the Initiative

Alphonse Kambu, UNEP, Division of Environmental Law and Conventions on behalf of ICRAF, BioversityInternational and UNEP

Proposed Financial Mechanism to Support Communities Advancing Socio-ecological Production Landscapes

Kazuaki Hoshino, Biodiversity Policy Division Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environtment, Japan