IPSI Newsletter, August 2012


The Satoyama Initiative and Resilience – Pathways to a Sustainable Society (ISAP2012 Parallel Session)
IPSI representatives recently held a parallel session at the Fourth International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2012) in Yokohama, Japan (24-25 July). Opening the parallel session, Prof. Alfred Oteng-Yeboah provided participants with a brief introduction to the Satoyama Initiative. He pointed out that the second of the CBD’s three objectives has been difficult, namely sustainable use of biodiversity, but that “Japan has provided an answer: satoyama and satoumi”. The first panelist, Dr. Krishna Chandra Paudel, explained how experiences in Nepal have demonstrated that community forestry is more effective and has brought about more positive change for people’s livelihoods than past government-led initiatives. He also emphasized the importance of a holistic approach extending beyond simple forestry management. The second panelist, Ms. Joji Cariño, provided an in-depth presentation of indigenous territorial and landscape management. Among other things, she indicated the importance of having secure rights so that systems under pressure will not continue to erode. She concluded her presentation by highlighting Strategic Goal E of the Aichi Targets as well as key passages from the Rio+20 outcome document. The final panelist, Mr. Katsuhiko Tada, shared his own personal insights from experiencing the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011. As the owner of a farm in the affected Tohoku region, he immediately organized recovery efforts drawing on the community’s strong resilience. He also emphasized how there is a need for realism as recovery efforts move forward, and ideas need to be collected abroad as well as within Japan to foster out-of-the-box thinking. Discussants Dr. Jo Mulongoy and Dr. Ryo Kohsaka provided expert insight based on the panel presentations and their broad experience with resilience and sustainability issues. See the Satoyama Initiative website for a full list of speakers and more photos from the session.
Speakers, audience members and Secretariat staff (current and alumni!) gather in Yokohama on 24 July 2012

Speakers, audience members and Secretariat staff (current and alumni!) gather in Yokohama on 24 July 2012

IPSI Strategy Development Continues
Members of the IPSI Sub-Committee on Strategy Development (SCSD) gathered at the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) in Yokohama, Japan for their second meeting to discuss a wide range of issues and provide the Secretariat with valuable guidance moving forward towards the Third IPSI Global Conference to be held in Hyderabad, India (October 2012) and beyond…
SCSD Members gather in Yokohama

SCSD Members gather in Yokohama

Updates on Collaborative Activities among IPSI Members

Over 70 Expressions of Interest Submitted by IPSI Members

Following up on the fruitful discussions at IPSI-2 in Nairobi in March 2012, the Secretariat has received an impressive response to its call for expressions of interest (EOIs) in potential collaboration. Over 70 EOIs have been collected, and one finished IPSI collaborative activity proposal has already been submitted to the Secretariat for comment.

 COMDEKS Website and Newsletter now Available Online

As one of the collaborative activities endorsed by the IPSI steering committee, it is a pleasure to share information about the new website and newsletter recently launched by the Community Development and Knowledge management for the Satoyama Initiative (COMDEKS).
Major Upcoming Events: IUCN WCC, CBD COP11 and IPSI-3

Satoyama Initiative Actively Involved in IUCN WCC

At the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) to be held in September 2012 in Jeju, Korea, the IPSI Secretariat will be actively involved in a workshop titled “Enhancing Resilience with Nature: Translating the Science and Practice of Ecosystem Restoration into Policy”. The workshop will be held on 10 September 2012 from 11:00-13:00.To enhance coordination within IPSI, please contact the Secretariat if you are planning to attend IUCN WCC or will be participating in any events that you would like to invite other members to join.

 Save the date! IPSI-3 to be held back-to-back with CBD COP11 in Hyderabad, India

As announced at IPSI-2 in Nairobi last March, plans are underway to organize the Third IPSI Global Conference (IPSI-3) back-to-back with CBD COP11. Although the program and specific dates have not yet been finalized, IPSI-3 will be held from 6-7 October between the COP-MOP6 and CBD COP11 meetings, so please save these dates if possible. Further information about IPSI-3, side events at CBD COP11 and more will be shared as soon as possible. If your organization is planning any side events during CBD COP11 that you would like to share with the rest of the IPSI membership, please let the Secretariat know at your earliest convenience.

 Suggestions or ideas for the upcoming IPSI-3 Public Forum?

Please send any thoughts to the Secretariat to help us shape an effective and engaging public forum in Hyderabad!