Satoyama Initiative National Network for Uganda Natural Resources Management Board Formed



Participants in the 2016 SINN launching ceremony

The Satoyama Initiative National Network (SINN) for Uganda is one of a few national-level networks working towards the vision of the Satoyama Initiative, parallel to IPSI’s global-level partnership. SINN was launched in a workshop in Jinja, Uganda in 2016, made possible in part through Satoyama Development Mechanism (SDM) funding.

SINN recently announced the formation of its Natural Resources Management Board, sending out the following communication with its Terms of Reference:

“SI (Satoyama Initiative)’s concept of Socio Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS) is spreading globally as a strategy to conserve biological diversity and to rationalize management of ecosystem goods and services. In Uganda and Africa in general, SEPLS continue  to make invaluable contributions to socio economic, cultural, ecological and sustainability aspects. The formation of the Natural Resources Management Board (NRMB) as recommended by participants of  SINN workshop, is epoch-making and comes at a time when ecosystems in the region are experiencing several stressing factors. Therefore the Board is expected to go a long way in closing the existing gaps and complementing national, regional  and global efforts towards realising human society in harmony with nature.”