New Publication: Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review Vol. 5


A new volume of the Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review (vol. 5) with the theme: “Understanding the Multiple Values associated with Sustainable Use in Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS)” was recently published jointly by UNU-IAS and IGES. The volume compiles eleven selected case studies provided by authors belonging to IPSI member organizations and covers how different kinds of values, which have been called “multiple values of nature”, are provided and maintained through sustainable use of biodiversity in SEPLS management. In addition, the volume includes a synthesis chapter that summarizes the findings of the case studies. The publication  contributes to the pool of knowledge that will be relevant for IPBES' ongoing 'Methodological assessment regarding the diverse conceptualization of multiple values of nature and its contributions, including biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services'.

The electronic version is available for download here or by clicking the image below.