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30 November 2014: International Symposium on Hokusetsu Satoyama



An international symposium titled “From Hokusetsu Region to the World: our Satoyama” was held on 30 November 2014 at the Takarazuka Hotel in Takarazuka City, Japan. The symposium featured presentations by a number of experts on satoyama and sustainable management of production landscapes around the world, including the IPSI Secretariat’s own Wataru Suzuki and IPSI member the Indigenous Peoples and Biodiversity Program (TEBTEBBA)’s Florence Daguitan. At the end of the symposium, Hokusetsu SATOYAMA declaration was made.

An excursion was also made on 1 December to landscape sites near Takarazuka City.

A flyer for the symposium is available for download here: Flyer_SATOYAMA Symposium_141014

A presentation made by the IPSI Secretariat is available for download here: Presentation (IPSI Sec, Suzuki Wataru)