Other events

24-25 February 2014: Workshop on Guidelines for Wetland City Accreditation in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea


A workshop aiming to explore the possibility of establishing a “wetland city accreditation” programme under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and to develop guidelines under which such a programme would operate as a new implementation programme of the Ramsar Convention was held at Jeju Grand Hotel in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea from 24 to 25 February 2014, hosted by the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea and the Ramsar Convention. IPSI Secretariat staff took part in the workshop in order to introduce the concept of the Satoyama Initiative and SEPLS into the dialogue.

Mr. Yohsuke Amano of the IPSI Secretariat gave a presentation on IPSI, including information on IPSI case studies and a list of IPSI Collaborative Activities, which received a great deal of interest from several of the other attendees at the workshop. The workshop provided an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of IPSI and its activities among a new audience. We look forward to further collaboration with this programme in the future.