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Lack of access to modern energy amongst the poor inIndia is a major roadblock towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and a crucial development challenge facing the country. More than 400 million Indians lack adequate access to electricity/alternate energy, which inhibits education, income generation, and access to information.…

On the bases of data/information collected by CIMR through its different research programs in this area it has been estimated that deforestation caused drastic impacts on environment, biodiversity and people of the villages around Ayubia National Park (ANP).…

Increasing economic and population growth in Indonesia has increased the demand for more protein. This growth has led to intensification of livestock production.…

Cambodia supports globally important populations of wide-ranging, large-bodied bird species that are threatened by agricultural intensification and expansion, trade-driven hunting and chick/egg collection at nest sites. To address this problem of escalating biodiversity loss in the Northern Plains and Tonle Sap Lake and Floodplain and encourage community participation, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and partners designed a project with three financial incentive schemes.…

Pogány-havas Regional Association ( is a regional development organisation founded in 1999 by Hargita County Council and the local councils of six municipalities as well as local NGOs and entrepreneurs. It works on a range of projects to increase local incomes, preserve the region's cultural heritage, develop tourism and conserve the natural environment.…

Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC) Technical Committee commenced a scheme “the SATO Village Framework Development Plan in Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos)” in fiscal year 2008.…

his report examines biodiveristy and social interaction in Cyprus’ Buffer Zone, as re-claimed by nature and human activity.…

In 2005, the idea of landscape/seascape conservation was introduced into the amended Cultural Heritage Preservation Act as a new legal subject entitled ‘Cultural Landscape' in Taiwan.…

Cambodia is a country being rich in natural resources, especially forests that cover 59.09 percent of the country (FAO, 2010).…

n Wakasa Town, we are promoting efforts for resident cooperation in passing down a bountiful environment to future generations, and continuing a town development policy based on environmental preservation.…