SDM Project: Use of Mobile Technology for assessing community and wildlife use of rangeland resources



Conservation Solutions Afrika/ Kenya


Kenya Wetlands Biodiversity Research Team (KENWEB)


November, 2018






Dr. Mordecai O. Ogada, Director. Conservation Solutions Afrika

Summary Sheet

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The results of this project can be summarized into 3 main findings; The main that rangeland resources used in livestock production are equally important to wildlife conservation in Laikipia county. Secondly, the location and access to water points is vital to the maintenance and use of livestock routes, which also function as wildlife migratory corridors, providing connectivity between wildlife habitats. Lastly, we have also developed a template for community participation in resource management through mobile technology on the ODK collect® platform. The project produced maps of key livestock routes and water sources through a community mapping exercise, and these will be submitted to relevant authorities for marking and protection for development of a management plan. Camera trap surveys also showed the multiple usage, so this map will also be used to inform conservation authorities the importance of livestock route for conservation. This finding is in line with the description of SEPLs in the IPSI strategy as “dynamic mosaics of habitats and land uses where the harmonious interaction between people and nature maintains biodiversity, the planet’s natural capital, while providing humans with the goods and services needed for their livelihoods, survival and well-being in a sustainable manner”. The project has come up with findings that are relevant to global sustainability goals 1,2,8,10, 11, and 15, which are detailed in section 2-A. The most important achievements are the development of a cheap efficient way to include communities in natural resource management. This inclusion creates an atmosphere of ownership, which is vital for conservation. This project also provided evidence that livestock production and wildlife conservation are compatible in Laikipia and should not be a source of conflict, which occurred in 2017.

Pastoralist Cattle using designated stock route 3

Interviewing herdsmen