SDM Project: Facilitating the Development of a Taiwan Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (TPSI)



National Dong-Hwa University



1. Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture
2. Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station
3. Society for Wildlife and Nature (SWAN) International
4. Taiwan Ecological Engineering Development Foundation
5. Environmental Ethics Foundation of Taiwan






Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)


Dr. Kuang-Chung Lee, Associate professor

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From 2014, the National Dong-Hwa University (NDHU) has been working with the Forest Bureau on the pilot works. A first draft of a National Strategic Framework for Promoting Satoyama Initiative in Taiwan was proposed by NDHU in 2014 and adopted by the Forest Bureau in 2015. Promotion of the Satoyama Initiative in Taiwan has become a new policy announced by the new minister of Council of Agriculture in May 2016 and by the new director of the Forest Bureau in July 2016. The Satoyama Initiative in Taiwan therefore has gained the political momentum from central governmental institutions since 2016.

In 2016 and 2017, NDHU, the Forestry Bureau and other IPSI and TPSI members have worked closely on promoting TPSI’s 5 clusters of activities. SDM 2016 project has especially help NDHU conduct clusters of activities concerning capacity-building and on-the-ground activities, international participation and exchange, knowledge enhancement and policy research. The outputs and outcomes are fruitful.

From 2018, NDHU will continue the TPSI projects and work with the Forestry Bureau, other IPSI and TPSI members on promoting above TPSI’s clusters of activities. For future, the goal of TPSI is to help revitalize and conserve the socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes in rural Taiwan. We believe that a revitalized rural area can help build up a national ‘Green Network’ beyond the upstream national forests and protected areas, reconnect natural area conservation, rural development and urban partnership for moving towards a society living in harmony with nature.


Satoumi-like landscapes in eastern rural Taiwan

Inventory of indigenous knowledge on wild edible plants