Raising and planting native tree seedlings in local community of Aichi Prefecture, Japan



  • Aichi Prefecture


  • 22/12/2015

  • REGION :

  • Eastern Asia


  • Japan (Aichi Prefecture)


  • In March 2013, Aichi Prefecture adopted the Aichi Biodiversity Strategy 2020 in order to realize “Coexistence between People and Nature in Aichi”. The strategy contributes towards achieving the United Nation’s Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, especially “mainstreaming biodiversity” represented by Target 1, and “conservation habitats for living things” represented by Target 5, by establishing Ecological Network Councils organized by various local stakeholders in society, including citizens, companies, nonprofit organizations, universities and local governments in nine sub-regions within the Prefecture. One of the Councils, the Nishi-Mikawa Ecological Network Council has conducted the “Circulative Raising Native Tree Seedlings Project”: collecting seeds and raising seedlings through collaboration between companies, citizens and local governments, and creating biotopes in urban areas with the seedlings. The project aims at creating ecological networks by connecting nature in urban areas and enhancing “Satoyama” through the creation of biotopes in urban areas. It also provides environmental education opportunities to residents, through participation in the project. As a result, it is expected that awareness will be raised among stakeholders on “coexistence between people and nature”. This is the first step toward sustainable community building that considers regional characteristics and harmonizes the surrounding environment and ecosystem.


  • safeguarding ecosystem, genetic diversity, collaboration


  • Hitomi Horie, Natural Environment Division, Department of the Environment, Aichi Prefectural Government

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