Apply Environmental Education to Foster Practices of Satoyama Initiative: Examples of Nature Centers of Forestry Bureau



  • Chinese Society for Environmental Education


  • 11/04/2019


  • Eastern Asia


  • Chinese Taipei


  • Chinese Society for Environmental Education has assisted Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan in preparing, planning, establishing, operating and training 8 Nature Centers since 2006 in order to transform the learning site into the channel between forestry policies and general public. The earlier forestry policies in Taiwan mainly focused on timber production and had gradually adjusted to sustainable forestry management. Based on the international Satoyama Initiative, the integrated national green ecological network has been set up to introduce the sustainable industries and lifestyle between human beings and nature. The 8 Nature Centers instructed by Chinese Society for Environmental Education combines ideas of “sustainable forest management” and “environment monitoring” into course design to intrigue voluntary participation from learners and local communities on resource management. ¬Furthermore, policies from Forestry Bureau can be carried out in accordance with the sustainable spirit from Satoyama Initiative.


  • Environmental Education, Sustainable Forestry, Public-private partnership


  • Chih-ying Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EnvEd Centre for Innovative Learning; Dr. Kuang-Chung Lee, Associate professor, National Dong-Hwa University; Dr. Yi-Ju Yang, Associate professor, National Dong-Hwa University

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