IPSI Collaborative Activities

Satoyama Initiative from Hamamatsu

Lead organization: NPO Cultivate a cloud

Other participating organizations:
 FoE Japan

Some activities to enrich bio-diversity of forest nearby farm village, small farm or small paddy field in the north district of Hamamatsu city, central Japan, and also some trial for funding to continue these activities, which can lead a modern style of the traditional culture and ecological lifestyle

1) Reforestation in clear-cut man-made forest with KONARA (Quercus serrate) trees,and funding its maintenance cost

2)Similar funding system for making charcoal from native wood, harvesting grass leaves for compost etc. It might be a kind of membership fund from urban corporation or citizens.

Clusters to be allocated

Cluster 4.Capacity Building
Cluster 5.On-the-Ground Activities

IPSI member organisations to be involved

Not be specified yet


  • Nov. 2010 Reforestation project start
  • Now(Dec.2011) Preparing for planting KONARA seedlings
  • Feb.2011 To Plant seedlings
  • Mar. 2011 To be designated as an 100th Anniversary event of Hamamatsu city.
  • Apr. 2011 To start inviting donation or investment for funding; To start proposing second project, e.g. making charcoal from native wood, harvesting grass leaves for compost etc.
  • 2012~2026 To bring up KONARA within any other natural seedlings; To implement other projects
  • 2027(15th year) To harvest KONARA stem for mashroom raising and sell them to cover the expense of principal investment from invester

Contact details

Tomoyuki Sugano Mr.
A member of board of the director
E-mail sugano@logw-n.com
TEL +81-536-32-6088(Logwell Nippon Inc.)
FAX +81-536-32-6099(Logwell Nippon Inc.)