IPSI Collaborative Activities

Satoyama Development Mechanism (SDM)

Lead organization: UNU

Other participating organizations: 
Ministry of the Environment, Japan and Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)


The Satoyama Initiative aims to enhance understanding and raise awareness of the importance of Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS) towards the vision of realising societies in harmony with nature. The International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI) was launched in October 2010 to facilitate and accelerate the implementation and realisation of activities under the Satoyama Initiative.

The development and advancement of IPSI activities will be achieved through the active participation of diverse experts and organisations. IPSI seeks to mobilise available resources among members and from external sources to encourage and strengthen member activities.


The purpose of this mechanism is to facilitate activities under IPSI by providing financial support for promising and outstanding projects as good practices, which could extend to other projects with relevant knowledge, experience and lessons, contribute to retaining and enhancing biodiversity in SEPLS, and promote the implementation of the IPSI Strategy and the Plan of Action.

Proposed Activities

Proponents of an activity are responsible for addressing their specific activities in the proposals. Examples of categories under which projects to be supported are as follows;

  1. On-the-ground activities,
  2. Research activities,
  3. Activities to facilitate cooperation among IPSI members, including the organising of meetings, workshops, and conferences, and
  4. Activities aimed at capacity building and increasing awareness of IPSI, including through the production of educational materials and through dissemination and outreach activities.

Selection Process

An advisory committee will be established as a mechanism to effectively facilitate the SDM process and shall be responsible for providing guidance to a) review the draft selection criteria and procedures, b) make recommendations on the progress reports from the recipients, and c) evaluate the achievements and results.

The committee members will be assigned by the Director of the ISI Programme at UNU-IAS in consultation with MOEJ, and may include, a) representatives from international funding and/or implementing organisations within IPSI, b) the Chair of the IPSI Steering Committee, c) a representative of MOEJ, and d) ISI Programme Director, UNU-IAS. The committee members shall serve one year term which shall be renewable.

Provisional schedule for the SDM

May 2013 Endorsement of SDM Collaborative Activity Preliminary Advisory Committee meeting 
July 2013 Advisory Committee, criteria for selection
August 2013 Call for Proposals (e-mail and website)
October 2013 Deadline for Proposals
October 2013 Advisory Committee, screening
November 2013 Announcement: List of recipients 2013 (e-mail and website)
2014 Monitoring and evaluation for SDM 2013 recipients
2014 Report: SDM report will be published (e-mail and website)

Contact Persons

Rikiya Konishi (MOEJ)

Aya Takatsuki and Wataru Suzuki (UNU-IAS)

Sana Okayasu (IGES)