IPSI Collaborative Activities

Poster Awards: IPSI-4 Poster Session

Lead organization: UNU

Other participating organizations:
 Fukui Prefecture, Brother Sales Ltd., Canon Inc., Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd., Lexmark International K.K., and Seiko Epson Corporation


This activity was completed as of September 2013, with the successful administration of the Poster Session. More information and all of the posters can be found here.



The ‘Ink-jet Cartridge Satogaeri Project’ has been jointly initiated and promoted by six major printer manufacturers (Brother Sales Ltd., Canon Inc., Dell Japan, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd, Lexmark International K.K., and Seiko Epson Corporation) to offer a comprehensive ink-jet cartridge recycling system. As the Satogaeri Project organisations would like to encourage IPSI members’ activities, the project has provided financial support to IPSI collaborative activities.

Fukui Prefectural Government and the IPSI Secretariat will organise a two-day poster session during IPSI-4, parallel to the Assembly and Public Forum (13-14 September 2013). The poster session will provide an opportunity for interaction among IPSI members, practitioners and researchers. It also lets members present and demonstrate their experiences, as well as other new applications, innovative approaches and/or novel work-in-progress, while also receiving valuable feedback.

Taking the opportunity to support this session, the Satogaeri Project, in collaboration with Fukui Prefectural Government and UNU-IAS, propose to undertake poster awards opportunity.

Proposed activities

Participants will submit one poster per organisation in accordance with an announcement for abstract and poster submission which expect to be made in late May.

All submitted posters will be printed and prominently displayed in the Foyer and/or corridor of the Fukui International Activities Plaza, IPSI-4 venue during 13-14 September 2013. This will give IPSI-4 participants a forum where they can learn about activities that may still be in progress, but have preliminary results that are already interesting to share.

Posters will be reviewed by IPSI members and Public Forum participants, and the voting will take place during Assembly and Public Forum.

Proponents will establish a committee to review and select awards based on IPSI members’ majority ballot. The awards will be presented at the end of IPSI-4. The organisation of poster session, printing and awards will be covered by the financial support from ‘Ink-jet Cartridge Satogaeri Project’.


The Posters are to be displayed at the IPSI-4 (13-14 September 2013), and the awards will be presented at the end of the conference.

Contact details:

Akihito Kume, Canon Inc

Ichii Ishiyama, Fukui Prefectural Government

Aya Takatsuki, UNU-IAS