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Poster Display[ポスター掲示の様子]



IPSI Poster Award Winners[IPSI ポスター部門(英語)の表彰]

Fukui Award (Japanese posters)[福井部門(日本語)の表彰]

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IPSI-4 Poster Abstracts booklet

Poster data (Alphabetical Order)

1. Aichi Prefectual Government


6. A Rocha Ghana

7. Chuetsu Pulp and Paper co., Ltd

8. Centre for Integrated Mountain Research_CIMR_Punjab University

10. Civil Society Organizations Network for sustainable agriculture and environment in East Africa_CISONET revised

11. Centre of Forestry, Environmental and Resource Policy Study, Renmin University

12. College of Life and Environmental Science Minzu University

13. Conservation International

15. ITTO guidelines

16. Institute for Fundamental Researches on Tropical Agriculture_INIFAT_Cuba

17. Institute of Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation_ERECON

19. SE, CNEDD, Government of Niger

20. Fukui Prefectual Government

22. Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy_HELP_Davao

23. Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy_HELP_Davao-2

24. International Lake Environment Committee Foundation_ILEC

25. Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Foundation_IKAP

26. Indigenous peoples Biocultural Climate Change Assessment_IPCCA

27. Japan International Cooperation Agency_JICA

28. Life Beyond Tourism

29. Live and Learn Environmental Education

30. Ministry of Environment Malawi_Department of Forestry

31. Micronesia Conservation Trust

32. MSSRF Community Agrobiodiversity Centre

33. National Dong-Hwa University

34. network for Coexistance with Nature

35. Satogaeri Project

36. Sumitomo Forestry co., ltd

37. Secretariat of State for the Environment Ministry of Economy and Development Timor Leste

38-a. United Nations Development Programme_UNDP_COMDEKS

39. United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies OUIK

40. University of the Philippines Open University_UPOU

41. University of Vigo

42. Wildlife Watch Group

43. Yokohama National University