International Satoyama Intiative

IPSI, the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative, promotes collaboration in the conservation and restoration of sustainable human-influenced natural environments (Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes: SEPLS) through broader global recognition of their value.

Marine Ecosystems Protected Areas (MEPA) Trust

The Marine Ecosystems Protected Area Trust Inc. (MEPA Trust) a Not for Profit Company, duly registered under the laws of Antigua & Barbuda on 22nd May 2015. It was an outcome of a GEF funded project “Sustainable Financing and Management of Eastern Caribbean Marine Ecosystems” which started in 2008. It is a majority NGO Board consisting of 6 NGO representatives and 5 government representatives from various sectors to include Fisheries, Department of Environment, Legal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Tourism Sector, GEF Small Grants, Environmental Awareness Group, Codrington Lagoon Management, The Nature Conservancy and business. The Trust was established to manage the flow of funds that will enable the Trust to support a wide range of both marine and terrestrial conservation-related activities that are aligned with the National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan.

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