International Satoyama Intiative

IPSI, the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative, promotes collaboration in the conservation and restoration of sustainable human-influenced natural environments (Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes: SEPLS) through broader global recognition of their value.

Foundation for Research and Social Development (FIDES)


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The Foundation for Research and Social Development (FIDES) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to contribute to human development by promoting economic, social, cultural and environmental development of vulnerable populations. FIDES was founded in 2009 in Ecuador, South America.

FIDES’ intervention with communities’ local families allows the generation of alternative livelihoods for some communities of Manabí through the protection and sustainable use of mangrove, dry forest, and tropical moist forest resources. The main activities of the organization are: ecological restoration of the mangrove ecosystem, establishment of ecological corridors, organic coffee crops under shade (shade trees), strengthening the capacity of community organizations and policy incidence, community tourism (ecological, cultural) and others.

Community Tourism in the mangrove

Mangrove woman collecting shells

Young reforesting mangrove