International Satoyama Intiative

IPSI, the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative, promotes collaboration in the conservation and restoration of sustainable human-influenced natural environments (Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes: SEPLS) through broader global recognition of their value.

Development Center of Liaohe River Reserve, Liao Ning Province


Development Center of Liaohe River Reserve has responsibility of organizing national key researches and projects, science and technology programs at province level, international collaborations and communications in environmental protection field and providing technical consulting service of construction project in the Reserve. In order to achieve the goals above, the Center has been undertaking some significant research projects and services.

a) The National Key Technical Projects of Water Pollution Control and Management has the target to solve the technical bottleneck problems of controlling and managing water pollution, especially the problems of industrial contaminant sources, agricultural non-point source pollution, water purification and ecological restoration, water environment monitoring and early warning, safe drinking water control.

b) The Liaohe River Reserve is one of 17 biodiversity monitoring regions around China. Development Center of Liaohe River Reserve collaborates with two local universities to investigate animals, plants, soil, fishes, insects,and birds. Over two years, investigators from universities have witnessed significant increase both in species and quantity because of a set of ecological protecting, restoring measures taken by government and Liaoning Province Authority Of Liaohe River.

c) The Demonstration Base of River ecological System and Biodiversity, located in a country near the River’s source, is a technology base mainly facing to youth, as well as a platform for propagating idea of environment protection and spreading knowledge about biodiversity.