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Since 2011, the Forestry Bureau, COA, has been subsiding EEFT for promoting the "Gongliao-Terraced-Paddy-Field Conservation Program" in the Shungxi River Valley, which is one of the largest watershed in Northern-Eastern Taiwan.…

Sustainable use provisions under article 10(c) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) require States Parties to …” protect and encourage customary use of biological resources in accordance with traditional cultural practices that are compatible with conservation and sustainable use requirements.”…

This Study is a collaborative action research activity participated in by community members.…

This research project studied the sustainable, customary use of biological resources by highland communities in Northern Thailand.…

In Austria, being a very mountainous country, central elements of the cultural landscape (= SEPLs) are mountain meadows and pastures.…

Since its establishment in 2012, Hokusetsu Satoyama Leader Training Session has aimed to acquire a deeper understanding of satoyama and develop active human resources for enhancing satoyama activities.…

Congjiang County is located in the southeast of Qian Dongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province, China.…

Senegal imports six times more rice than it produced. In order to reduce the cereal deficit, the Senegalese government has undertaken the restoration and valorisation of saline soils.…

The overall goal of the project is to mainstream biodiversity conservation into the cocoa growing landscape in the Kakum Conservation Area.…

Mangroves are considered one of the world's most productive ecosystems (RAMSAR Convention).…