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Over 300 kilometres from Tokyo, the port city of Wajima rests against the sea with the majority of its small and continuously dwindling population subsisting on agriculture, forestry, fishery, lacquer-ware manufacturing, and tourism. Located on a peninsula 60% covered by forested mountains, the city contains a significant amount of modified nature (mainly terraced rice paddies developed through long-lasting human interventions in balance with the nature’s capacity), which provides habitat for pr…

unique region both culturally and ecologically, Wayanad India is populated mainly by homestead farmers utilizing paddy-based cropping systems and homegardens based on local traditional techniques.…

The erosion of biodiversity and natural resources in Mexico has significantly surpassed the outcomes of the conservation initiatives undertaken by the governmental sector, leading to the exploration of new opportunities integrating stakeholders other than governmental agencies.…

Machida City is located approximately 30 kilometers from central Tokyo, Japan.…

Around Lore Lindu National Park (Taman Nasional Lore Lindu) in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, there is a mosaic-like landscape, due to particular land-use patterns.…