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Wetlands in Kenya are an important and comparatively new field of research. Civil society has been a major actor on wetlands through advocacy and events animated by a National Wetland forum that holds regular monthly meetings, and petitions in court against prospective developers with unsound EIAs, but, this forum has so far had no scientific arm and often lacks the capacity to provide science-based advice to user communities and policy.…

The UNDP-GEF Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) project in Namibia addresses serious issues brought about by extreme climate events resulting from climate change.…

The Ankeniheny-Zahamena Corridor (CAZ) is a new protected area that encompasses one of the largest remaining blocks of rainforest in Madagascar.…

Cambodia's rural populations are heavily reliant on natural resources to support subsistence-based livelihoods.…

The Abrolhos Region off of Brazil’s southeast coast is a natural paradise for biodiversity and people.…

The aim of this research is the analysis of the dynamics of traditional agrarian landscapes with agras field system in Galicia, so as to provide new insights into their historical-cultural value and on their spatio-temporal distribution.…

The State of Queensland, in north-east Australia, is one of the country’s most biologically diverse regions and home to the “world’s oldest rainforest in existence”.…

Chindozwa’s respect for the environment is built on a past when trees were strategically maintained to ensure rainfall, fishing rituals called for sustainment of various plant materials, and other ritual practices also necessitated villagers conserve terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity.…

Since pre-Hispanic times, a co-evolutionary relationship built around management of biocultural resources with the mountain environment in Cusco Valley, Peru, has produced the “ayllu” mindset.…

380 km north of Manila, the Ifugao landscape is shaped by common forest, privately owned forest (muyong), cultivated land, swidden, rice paddies and terraces, common grasslands, and settlement areas.…