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This paper describes the plant genetic resources of food and agricultural value that occur in Wayanad district - a hot-speck in the world biodiversity hotspot of Western Ghats.…

Considered as birthplace of vodoun, Benin contains many scattered patches of forest and tree groves of primary religious, ethno-botanical and conservation significance known as sacred forests.…

Wetlands play a key role in helping to sustain river systems health. They have important hydrological functions such as recharge of groundwater, improvement of water quality and flood alleviation.…

Agrobiodiversity, or agricultural biodiversity, includes all the components of biological diversity of relevance to food and agriculture, as well as the components of biological diversity that constitute the agro ecosystem: the variety and variability of animals, plants and micro organisms, at the genetic, species and ecosystem levels, which sustain the functions, structure and processes of the agro ecosystem.…

Community Forestry is increasingly recognized as a means for promoting sustainable forest management and restoring degraded forests for enhancing the forest condition as well livelihoods of low income people and forest dependent communities worldwide.…

Urbanization is often regarded as a pressure on rural and agricultural land use. But in this article, using a case study in central Hunshandak Sandland in Inner Mongolia, China, it was demonstrated that urbanization has potential benefits for the restoration of degraded grassland.…

This report is part of the case studies “Biodiversity Conservation through Domestication of High Value Medicinal Plants in Mountain Ecological Landscapes of Nepal” conducted in Rasuwa District of Nepal during the second half of 2011.…

JICA implemented training on biodiversity conservation and rural development for capacity development for developing countries and promotion of SATOYAMA Initiative in 2010.…

The Oriental White Stork (Ciconia boyciana) was a typical species of bird living in Satoyama areas in Japan.…

In the Davao Region of Southern Mindanao, Philippines, Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) has been a key framework for promoting sustainable land use in local ecosystems.…