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In 1966, “Cheburashka” was introduced as a character in children's literature, and since 1969 its stop-motion animated films have been among the most popular cartoon films in Russia.…

Uganda's forests contain 109 million metric tons of carbon in living forest biomass.…

Since the disappearance of the Oriental White Stork, Toyooka City in Hyogo Prefecture has been trying for about half a century, to set up a scheme to reintroduce the Oriental White Stork to the city.…

Wildlife Watch Group (WWG) seeks to move ahead to attain the vision for wildlife management in Kanchanjunga conservation Area (KCA).…

Cuchillas del Toa Biophere Reserve (RBCT) has the major conservation levels of endemism and sweet water reserve of Cuba and the Caribbean area.…

The German Association for Landcare (DVL) is the umbrella organization of 155 Landcare Associations (Landschaftspflegeverband, LA) distributed all over Germany.…

Drylands in Uganda occur as a strip of dry country stretching from the northeast to the southwestern borders of the country, commonly known as the “Cattle Corridor”.…

In spite of their global significance, many lakes and other inland waters around the world are in a critical condition and will be most severely affected by the global warming and various human interventions because of their lentic (static) nature as water systems.…

A model of community forest management was structured at the Lake Chapala basin (Mexico), which has been applied under real conditions since 2002 with 11 rural communities.…

Governance of Himalayan lakes conservation in Nepal follows a long history from forest conservation to biodiversity conservation, wetlands conservation and then to lake conservation with formal establishment of National Lake Conservation Development Committee (2006).…