International Satoyama Intiative

IPSI, the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative, promotes collaboration in the conservation and restoration of sustainable human-influenced natural environments (Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes: SEPLS) through broader global recognition of their value.

Borneo Conservation Trust Japan

The goal of the Borneo Conservation Trust Japan is to create a society in which animals and humans can coexist and to link to the future.

As a result of prioritizing economic activities, human greed, and human comfort, we have lost rich life all over the earth.  If circumstances continue as is, there is no good future for wild animals and humans.  The mission of the Borneo Conservation Trust Japan is to: protect the tropical rainforests and conserve the biodiversity of Borneo; resolve problems that damage the relationship between animals and humans; communicate the importance of connecting life and of the way of society that connects life. To create that kind of society and to connect a sustainable environment to the future.